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Structural Glazing with silicone, which is a specialized curtain walling system. It allows perfect uniform large glazed spaces that are not interrupted by traditional frames or any other supporting or fitting system projecting out of the pane of the glass. Instead of being fitted in the frames, the glass is fixed to a support, which is attached to the structural element of the building. The tightness of the whole being obtained by a silicone seal. The glass is fixed on the support by means of the silicone seal along the edges of the internal surface.

Silicon bonded structural glazing system
The Various Systems are differentiated by the way the glass is fixed.
  1. Fully Unitized structural glazing system
    (With sub frame and glass pasted ready to hang on brackets)
  1. Semi Unitized structural glazing system
    (Unitized system with sub frame)
  1. Stick structural glazing system
    (Unitized system with out subframe glass directly pasted on frame)
  1. Curtain Wall Glazing System
    (Glass fixed to frame with pressure plate and cover plate)
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